The Studio



Built by none other than Kevin White, there were a few things in mind; Build something powerful, beautiful and have it last for at least five years.  Well, this is the beauty that he created.  Wanting to go with the Geoffrey_Gamer theme colors, No RGB lighting was added.  Just black parts with red lighting.

This PC cost just over 4K to build but keep in mind, the inflation on all Graphics Cards was in full force!  Kevin did an amazing job installing all parts to run with 12 fans (push/pull) style while a Captain 240X AIO keeps everything below recommended temperatures. Check out the Specs below.

10th Gen i9 10850k Processor, MSI Z490-A Pro Motherboard, Evga RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra GPU, MSI Gold Rated Full Modular 850W Power Supply, DeepCool 240mm AIO Cooler (In Push/Pull), 128gb ddr4 XPG Gammix Ram, Crucial 500gb NVME SSD, Gen 3 Boot Seagate 7200rpm 6tb HDD, Corsair 4000d airflow case

Watch The Studio Tour video!

When building the studio, there was a Geoffrey_Gamer Amazon Wishlist created.  Folks were given the opportunity to support the studio build by purchasing items off of the Wishlist and get their names and/or Channel names or Logos put up in the studio.  Names of those are Criminal Justice, JenniYo Kumbyart, Fester, MadGriffin, Gaming with Cookies, James Ro, Chris Vroman, Goldness Gamer, Gamer Benny, Don Mich, Big Jess Gaming, Tha Mexikan, BP Gaming, Lil Bobbo, Gamer Rhino, Basman and future supporters!  Without each and every one of the AMAZING people, the studio would not be what it is today!


Having started with a Playstation 4 Headset/Microphone in one, Geoffrey_Gamer needed something more studio sounding.  That’s when the Yeti came in.  While the yeti is an amazing inexpensive microphone, something better was needed.  The SHURE XLR microphone was the absolute way to go.  Studio quality to bring the best content possible is what it’s all about!



64 Streamdeck buttons….overkill?  Absolutely not.  With tons of sounds and commands saved, the Elgato Streamdecks are a must!  And what better way to mix those sounds while commanding game and microphone sounds than the GO XLR!?


Looking for the perfect noise canceling, bass boosting headset with super crisp sound?  Gotta check out the Philips SHP’s. You won’t regret it!

with the studio changing and evolving day to day, its always fun to see what themes come next! Stay tuned to find out...

Click here to access the amazon wishlist and get your opportunity to have you name, channel or logo displayed in the studio!

None of this would be possible without everybody's support to geoffrey gamer. You are all truly amazing!



Keeping the workspace dust free is a breeze with the Toppin HEPA Air Purifier!  Reduces the amount of airborne dust by 75%! 

Best Supporters Ever

This Studio may have been built by Geoffrey_Gamer, but the truth be told that, without you and your support, it would never be what it is today!