Must have mods!

No LSPDFR gameplay is complete without these MUST HAVE mods that Geoffrey_Gamer always has installed!  

Bejoijo Mods

First things first, everybody needs to head on over to BejoIjo’s Download page and snatch up ALL of his must have mods like Stop the Ped, Ultimate Backup, ALPR Lite and much more.  These are mods crucial to having a fun realistic patrol!

These mods are property of BejoIjo and are to be used for recreational gameplay only and not to be uploaded in any shape or form. Pictures courtesy of

Simple Plugins that you must have!

Automatic Siren Cutout allows the siren to turn off when exiting your patrol car going code 3

Automatic Siren Cutout created by Rich

Sticky Wheels allows you to turn your wheels and keep them that way after exiting the vehicle ensuring a safe traffic stop from rubber neckers

Sticky Wheels created by khorio

Keep the f**king doors open (KTFDO) is crucial too have when you are trying to apprehend a suspect using the door as cover. No more closing door when you exit the vehicle

KTFDO created by khorio

Simple Trainer is truly a MUST HAVE mod. This trainer allows you to change time of day, weather, peds and spawn any vehicle in the game

Simple Trainer created by sjaak327

Spotlight mod allows you to light up a pulled over vehicle or auto-track a subject on foot.  Be smart while out on patrol

Spotlight mod created by alexguirre

Every LEO needs a dispatch to talk to. With Immersive Dispatch you can call out status, respond to calls and request backup. Surly a MUST HAVE mod

Immersive Dispatch created by opus49 and BenH6201

Need help installing these mods and MANY more?  Click the button above to shoot over to Geoffrey_Gamer’s LSPDFR Tutorials playlist! You know he’s got your back!

Before you mod…

Read these tips!

Click the links below to learn how to do these important tips and save yourself a lot of time and headaches

Playing GTAV Online

Make sure to NEVER play a modded Grand Theft Auto V online through Rockstar. Doing so may result in you being temporarily or permanently banned from their servers

Backing Up Your Files

Before modding, it’s always recommended you back up your Grand Theft Auto V folder simply by right clicking it, select “copy” and then “paste” in your common folder. Check out the link to your left for a video on it

Watch The Full Video

Geoffrey_Gamer understands that folks are eager to play with new mods.  But it is important to watch the full tutorial video to make sure you installed everything correctly

Join Our discord for assistance

Are you having issues with some mods you have installed?  Game crashing or do you just want some insight on what mods NOT to use?  Hit up the Geoffrey_Gamer Discord where there is a team fully prepared to help!  Click the link below to get started.

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