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Silver lining roleplay

Aside from amazing LSPDFR patrols and tutorials, Silver Lining Roleplay plays a HUGE part on the Geoffrey_Gamer channel.  Truth be told, the channel was actually created in hopes of finding an amazing FiveM server to call home.  SLRP is that home!

About silver lining roleplay

Founded and Created by Mark D, Pacific Pig and Harrison back in 2020, Silver Lining Roleplay continues to grow in numbers. It is a Hybrid Economy server with an amazing simple RP structure.  Mature, realistic and professional staff, members and scenes is something SLRP thrives to achieve…and they have.  It is also home to some of the best YouTubers out there! 

Are you 16+ years of age and looking for an amazing FiveM community?  Look no further and click the APPLY NOW button!



Custom Vehicles

Silver Lining Roleplay is streamed LIVE on Geoffrey_Gamer every weekend!

"The Most Fun I've Had Playing A Game...EVER!"

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