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Geoffrey_Gamer is always dropping new patrols and up to date tutorials and troubleshooting videos. He is quite literally the ONE STOP SHOP for everything LSPDFR!

Not Your Average LSPDFR Guy

One thing that stands Geoffrey_Gamer out from the rest are his voice-overs.  All LSPDFR patrols are edited with special voice-overs and sound effects to add more realism to the patrols.  Themed patrols such as stolen vehicle and warrant task forces to DUI checkpoints, Geoffrey_Gamer is always greeted by a not-so-friendly subjects.

More Than Just

Patrol Videos


Over 280 Videos!

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Warranted Suspects

Check Out As Dangle Has To Explore The Creepy Caves

Deputy Dangle is Geoffrey_Gamer’s alter ego.  Dangle was actually created after Criminal Justice requested a “Dirty Cop” episode of LSPDFR.  Ever since then, he has become a fan favorite!  He’s unfiltered and unhinged and definitely one with the ladies.











GTAV Updates

We all know how GTAV loves to update throughout the year.  What’s worst is when you are unprepared for the blowback it causes to any LSPDFR player.  Well no fear! Geoffrey_Gamer always has you covered with videos letting you know when it’s going to happen, how to prepare for it and how to revert back and forth between versions. He truly has you covered at every turn!  But you have to be SUBSCRIBED and make sure your notifications are set to “ALL” so you don’t miss out!

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